That is NLP?

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‭That Is NLP?

‭NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming ‬‭) ‬at this time is a very new field digandrungi by various parties, not only in Indonesia. ‭‬Start up of the executive board, the ‭‬, ‭‬psychologist, ‭‬doctor, ‭‬sportswear , ‭‬lecturer, ‭‬even movie stars to politicians. ‭‬In fact, if the NLP ‭?

Some sources claim learn NLP is similar to the manual to learn the human brain, ‭‬sometimes referred to as people skills technology, ‭‬or also called psychology of excellence. ‭‬The idea is to know how to work the brain so that someone can be a master on it, ‭‬not be budaknya. ‭‬while the pengagas formulate their own NLP NLP as the study of subjective experience. ‭

Neuro refers to the brain ‭‬/ ‭‬mind, ‭‬how we organize our mental life. ‭‬Linguistic is the language, ‭‬how we use language to create meaning and impact on our lives. ‭‬Programming is about the sequence of mental processes the effect on behavior in achieving certain goals, ‭‬and how to do modifications on the mental processes. ‭

History begins when an expert Mathematika ‭‬/ ‭‬Computer Programming ‭(‬ Dr. Richard Bandler ‭‬‭) ‬and a Linguistics Professor ‭(‬ Dr. John Grinder ‭‬‭) ‬learn a number of specialist expertise and a very successful therapeutist in the field. ‭‬method used to learn the skill is called the modeling ‭(‬ ‭memodel science) ‬. ‭‬the early Malay leaders who dimodel is ‭‬: ‭‬‭Fritz Perls (Gestalt Psychotherapist ‬‭) ‬, ‭pasquinade ‭‬Virginia (Family Therapist ‬‭) ‬, ‭‬‭Gregory Bateson (Anthropologist ‬, ‭‬‭cybernetics) and Milton Erickson ‬‭(‬ Hypnotherapist ‭) ‬. ‭‬After many years memodel, ‭‬they both successfully developed a set of mental techniques that are very useful in the therapy. ‭

NLP dipopulerkan away by Anthony Robbins to escalate in the USA and around the world, ‭‬back Anthony Robbins create their own brands, ‭‬ie ‭NAC (Neuro Associations Conditioning ‬‭) ‬. ‭‬Barisan NLP pioneer flap wings then start the application in reaching plateau outside therapy. ‭‬Science memodel this dikembangluaskan to memodel many benefits of human ‭, ‬memodel to, among other benefits from the achievement of excellence in the field of komunikator, ‭‬‭‬sports / athletes ‭‬, ‭‬leadership, sales ‭‬, ‭‬teachers, bisnisman ‭‬, ‭‬people, ‭‬singer, meditation ‭‬, ‭‬and many other successful people. ‭

Modeling in NLP allows to learn and duplicate someone expertise. ‭‬modeling applications this is really unlimited, ‭‬an inch can be: ‭"‬ If someone had something to do things, ‭‬with the modeling, we also can duplicate in order to do so also ‭"‬. ‭‬Through NLP we can do ‭‬a superior human behavior and memetakannya in a pattern a certain core. ‭‬this is the pattern-a pattern which is then re-arranged the order and will be a combination of a certain model of excellence that easily for diduplikasikan to others. ‭‬Some of the big names recorded using NLP in achieving scientific success is ‭‬: ‭‬Michael Gorbachev, ‭‬Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi ‭‬, ‭‬Lady Di, ‭‬and Nelson Mandela. ‭Ronny F. ‬Ronodirdjo ‭‬, ‭‬is a key figure in Indonesia that make NLP and Hypnosis are widespread after it opened the spigot of information and the public for free through the portal, ‭‬and web development blog. ‭‬When this many people follow the steps Ronny F. ‭‬Ronodirdjo to provide information on public and free of NLP and Hypnosis in Indonesia. ‭

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